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A Beginner’s Guide to Deep-Sea Fishing


If you are thinking of getting into deep sea fishing, there is much to consider, and this guide is designed to acquaint you with the basics of this addictive pastime, which could lead to you landing a monster fish. Of course, everything depends on the species of fish that you are trying to catch, and there are a lot of species off the coast of Australia.

Online Solutions

The best way to approach a deep-sea fishing expedition is to search with Google for a boat that targets the species of fish you are looking to encounter, and with online fishing gear in Australia from a leading supplier, you can acquire brand name equipment. Shopping online has many benefits, not least the lowest prices, and most online fishing tackle stores are very helpful and when they know the type of fish you are targeting, they can make rod and reel suggestions. Names like Daiwa and Shimano offer the best value, and their products stand the test of time, and with suitable equipment, you will be ready to test your skills against deep sea fish that are very strong.

Wear Suitable Clothing

When going on a deep-sea fishing expedition, you need to wear the right clothing, with a waterproof lightweight over jacket for rain, which can easily be stored when not needed, and it is essential to have boots with good grip, as you will be on a wet deck. Let’s not forget UV protection on all exposed skin (it can be very hot but the breeze masks the heat) and a good pair of polarised sunglasses, which are essential.


Usually, the bait would be the responsibility of the boat skipper, who would either prepare it prior to setting out to sea, or you could catch the bait on your way to the known areas where the big fish hang out. The skipper would have a selection of the best baits, plus you should have some lures in your tackle box.

Keep Abreast of Current Fishing Conditions

Fishing can very much rely on the weather, and you should find a website with up to date information about how the region is fishing, and while some species are seasonal, others can be found all year round.

Finally, a word about motion sickness, which could ruin your experience, and if you think you might suffer from seasickness, take some medication and refrain from eating for a few hours prior to setting off.

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