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3 Things To Consider Before Expanding Your Closet

If the closet in your bedroom isn’t able to hold all that you want it to, expanding that space might be a great option for you. However, undergoing this type of renovation requires a lot more planning than people might originally think. So before you start knocking out walls or adding more storage options, there are a few things that you should think about.

To help you in discovering just what these things are, here are three things to consider before expanding your closet. 

It Might Be Easier To Start From Scratch

In many closets, you might already have some shelves or organization systems put in place. But if the systems aren’t working for you or giving you the space or customization that you need, it might be a better idea to just start from scratch here rather than trying to work within these current bounds.

Knowing this, it’s wise to take out all the shelves, hanging rods, and any other organizational accessories before you do anything else with your closet expansion. With all of these things out of the way, you might find that what you really needed was just a new look at the space. But if you do realize that you still need more square footage, at least everything will now be out of the way for you to complete some demolition. 

Design Based On What You Have

Once you have the general space and size that you’re going to be using as part of your closet expansion, you’ll now need to figure out how to design the space to fit your needs.

While you might have an idea in your head of what a bedroom closet or wardrobe is supposed to look like, you should really make all of your decisions based solely on what you have and what you’ll be storing in your closet or using that space for. 

For example, if you don’t like to wear socks but don’t like cold floors in the morning, you might want to make your closet carpeted. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time outside or have pets, hardwood flooring might be better in your closet. Additionally, if you have a lot of tall boots, thick coats, accessories, or other items that you want to have in your closet, make sure you consider the space you need for these things when setting up the skeleton of your organization and shelving. 

How To Best Use All The Available Space

Finally, as you’re putting in all of the shelves, rods, and other organization tools, really think about if you’re using all the available space to the best of your ability. If your closet has doors, you can use the back of those doors for additional storage. Or if your shelves don’t go up to the ceiling, you can add another shelf or rack on top. 

If you need more space in your closet, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you make the most of your upcoming closet expansion. 

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