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A Dummies Guide To Clean The Vaping Tank And Coil – Few Tips

Having a clean vape is an easy way to get the best performance. Imagine you have a new vape device that turns dirty and gunky after a few months and lack in performance. At this point, you have two options either replacing the device or cleaning the vape device.

Cleaning the vape devices include cleaning vape coils and cleaning vape tanks. One such leading one-stop smoke shop is HQ Vape And Smoke. They specialize in all vape accessories, equipment or vaping knowledge which a vaper would need. They provide their services in Denver, Colorado and Tempe, Arizona.

Structure of Vape Device

The vaping device is consisting of the following components:

  • The Tank: It holds the e-liquid and it is combined with an atomizer to form a single unit.
  • The Coil: It is the heating element which converts the e-liquid into vapor.
  • The Battery: It is the power source of the device. It may have a temperature and voltage control option.

The vape device should always clean when you are changing the flavor so that the new flavor is not compromised. Ideally, it should be cleaned once in a week to get better performance.

Cleaning The Vape Tank 

There are several types of rinse to clean the vape tank which are mentioned as follows

  • Standard Rinse: You can use this rinse, if the tank is relatively clean. In this rinse, fill the tank with warm water and dry it with a paper towel.
  • The PG rinse: In this instead of water, Propylene glycol is used.
  • The Cleaning agent rinse: You can use many home-based products to clean the tank-like baking soda, ethanol/ alcohol, vinegar, cheap vodka.
  • The ultrasonic cleaner: This type of cleansing is the most thorough cleaning. In this ultrasonic cleaner is used along with dishwasher liquid.

The basic process for cleaning remains the same only the cleaning agent changes. First, remove the tank from the mod and get rid of the e-liquid. Then in a bowl use any cleaning agent as per the requirement and availability. Cleaning it thoroughly if required you can use soap and scrub. Then dry it with a paper towel.

Cleaning The Vape Coil

Unfortunately, there is no way to clean the coil. Replacing the coil is the only option once they are burnt out, visually dark, vaping tastes like the burnt taste, an atomizer is facing leakage issues or decrease in vapor production.

The steps to change the Vape coil are:

  • Detach the tank from the device.
  • Get rid of the e-liquid
  • By twisting the coil to the left you can unscrew it.
  • Now screw the new coil
  • Reattach the tank

It is always advisable to maintain the ideal e-liquid levels, keeping the vape juice in the right environment and storing the vaporizer safely to have a prolonged life of the vaping device. The more you keep it carefully the more you can enjoy vaping!

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