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Buying Your First Shotgun? Check This Guide!

If you are interested in owning a shotgun, it is absolutely important to know the basics. While a shotgun seems like a simple weapon on the surface, various factors must be considered before buying one. There are many online stores that now have shotguns for sale, but before you get yours, here’s an overview of the basics.

What is a shotgun anyway?

For the unversed, a shotgun is fired from shoulder and can be used to fire many pellets in one round. Each pellet is one shot. Shotgun has the pellets or shots in a plastic shell. You will also come across what is called a slug that can fire projectiles. Slugs are best suited from rifled bore, as compared to shots, which work ideally from a smoothbore. Shotguns are best used for hunting and shooting, and you will find many sportsmen using and even the police using them.

Benefits at a glance

When you want to target many targets from a single place, shotguns are just perfect, which is why these are used extensively for hunting. You can even target small birds, as long as your shooting skills are decent. Compared to many other weapons, shotguns are incredibly useful and powerful, especially when teamed with buckshot. Even when the lighting is not optimal, you can expect the shotgun to work effectively. While you can find shotguns that cost thousands of dollars, shotguns are typically not that expensive, unless you go for a very known brand. In the US, you can purchase shotguns safely in most states, which is an added advantage of sorts, given that regulations are stricter than ever.

On the flip side

If you think you can use a shotgun with a slug for long-distance targets, you would be disappointed. In fact, these are pretty limited in range.

Other things to know

Note that shotgun calibers are measured in gauge. There are 20-gauge shotguns too, but the most common one is the 12-gauge one. If you wish to buy one for personal defense or shooting/hunting, this is all you need. Online stores have kinds of new shotguns on sale, and you can follow the due process to get it delivered. Designs have changed overtime, but you will still find single and double-barrel shotguns as the top segments, which are used extensively for shooting and hunting.

Get your first shotgun after you have evaluated many options, and check stores online for the best deals.

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