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A Fabulous Affair

A great home starts with a great kitchen. When you find passion in cooking and hosting, it opens up a whole world of opportunity for exciting dinners and extravagant high tea times. Just as the quality ingredients are the key to any good dish, the proper tableware is a key ingredient to a fabulous meal. Once your menu is set, your beer and wine list are crafted, and your guest list finalized, there is only one step left to make the night perfect—your dinner table. What will you decide to include?

Different Types of Dinnerware

When searching for the perfect dinnerware, keep in mind that there are many different types of materials that you can choose from. These include but are not limited to:

  • Earthenware
  • Stoneware
  • China or Porcelain
  • Bone China

Stoneware is the most common of dinnerware, usually used for everyday settings. It is made of fired ceramic, and glass material is often added to boost strength and durability so that it is long-lasting. Most varieties for stoneware are matte, satin, or shiny textures. They are typically easy to maintain while still looking beautiful and unique. Bone china is another great and affordable option, as it is slightly cheaper than porcelain, but can still be used for both every day and on special occasions. Bona china maintains the delicate look of porcelain while remaining sturdy and durable for frequent use.

Choosing Your Sets

When creating a perfect look for your table, be sure to keep it clean and simple. The less clutter on the table, the more your dinner setting skills will shine. Consider your meal: are you serving a bowl of soup or a salad before the meal? Will you need an additional plate for bread? Will dessert be served with the option of coffee or tea? Knowing what your menu will look like can help you create a fashionable design that individually suits the need of your dinner.

Breakout the Plates Without Breaking the Bank

Creating a beautiful evening doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. Choose a simple tablecloth of light linen or comfortable cotton. Add ambiance with some well-placed candlesticks. Scatter the table with your favorite flower petals. With your dinnerware, you can take the same approach. Many different materials tare durable, high-quality, and elegant, but inexpensive. These unique and affordable designs can still help you create a dinner party that will be a night to remember.

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