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Get Familiar with Dishwasher Features to Make A Smart Buying Decision

Dishwashers were once regarded as a luxury appliance but today it has developed into an essential time-saving kitchen appliance. The rates of the dishwasher get affected by special features and capabilities. Before you go on a dishwasher shopping spree, it is wise to know about the features to help you make a smart decision.


On, you will come across counter-top and inbuilt dishwasher types. The type to choose will depend on whether you live in your own home or a rental house, the number of family members, and kitchen size. Countertop models are the most economical. They are the smallest and suitable for a rental apartment or kitchen with limited space. There are high-end portable and built-in dishwasher models with special features and styles that influence its price.

Energy saving

Lave vaisselle Whirlpool [Whirlpool dishwasher] is an energy star qualified, which can help you save on utility bills significantly. Even though the dishwashers operate efficiently their wash cycles are longer but look for a model with low water features. It is helpful for homes using metered water.


  • An 18” unit is sufficient for 2 to 3 people. It can hold 6 to 8 regular plate settings. Compact size great for small kitchen and infrequent use.
  • A 24” unit is sufficient for a family. Standard size appliance can hold 12 to 14 average plate settings.

Hard food disposal

This feature eliminates the need to pre-wash or rinse the dishes before loading in the dishwasher. It is inbuilt and removes the grime and food residue in its first rinse cycle and does not swish around clean dishes in the last rinse cycle. Self-cleaning filters and removable filters are available. Maintenance choice is personal, so consider this!

Washing cycles

Light, regular, heavy, and economy wash settings are available. Economy cycle air dries the dishes, so you save on energy. Expect to pay more for advanced features like sanitize wash, pot scrub, quick wash, and stemware or glass rinse. A dishwasher with stainless steel interior is a great feature but it has no value in terms of performance. It is just a style option.


Where and how water jets are applied in the dishwashing cycle defines the unit’s performance. A 3-tier system is a good but more level ensures better coverage and comes with a price tag. Dirt sensors and child lock are nice-to-have features.

Stacking & racking

Usually, a dishwasher has two racks but special units feature removable or adjustable racks and shelves.

Flatware or cutlery trays

Compact tray seated on a bottom rack helps to load and unload cutlery with ease. Some models have trays attached inside the dishwasher door, which takes less room. It is a subjective matter and does not impact washing performance.

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