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Buying Suits from Culwell & Son: Four Factors to Consider

Although the uniform of jeans, T-shirts, and trainers have dominated today’s graduate-dominated world, they are only good if you work for a digital start-up. Thus, if you are looking to move to more professional ventures, your wardrobe must have smarter options for business meetings or interviews. However, there are some things you must keep in mind to avoid making the wrong choices.

These include the following:

Your Size

Before you start shopping for a suit, you must know your exact measurements. Buying a suit requires precision and accuracy. No matter the price of a suit, it is only worth the money when it fits you right. Although it can be challenging to pick the correct fit, taking measurements will help you choose the right size for you. Your measurements should include your neck, shoulder, sleeve length, chest, waist, seat, thigh, inside leg, and height. Keep the tape measure tight but not strained.

Fit and Style

Avoid trendy, fast fashion suits because they won’t stay for long and can look outdated over time. Find suits with classic styling such as a jacket with two buttons, notch lapels, and side or center vents and trousers that have a flat front. Depending on your body type, you may opt for a trimmer fitting suit. The best suit fits your body comfortably and is proportionate to your size. Culwell & Son has top-shelf men’s suits that will never go out of style. The company also has a huge selection of custom shirts, formal tuxedos, or pairs of shoes to help you stay sharp.

Fabric and Color

Aside from getting the best-fitting suit, you also consider its fabric and color. Choose seasonal fabrics such as linen and cotton to stay cool in the summer and tweed and wool to stay warm in winter. Also, think about your needs. When buying your first suit, choose a plain pattern with enough versatility so you can use it for various occasions. Although it can be tempting to choose a bright tartan or an attractive pinstripe, a navy or grey suit is the most appropriate and versatile option. Stay away from trendy colors and bold patterns because they may go out of style quickly.


Some places will charge more for suit tailoring. But, you must not forego this because of the extra expense. It is important to have all parts of the suit tailored to fit right. Make sure to invest in your overall look and don’t try to save money by compromising the fit of the sleeves, for instance.

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