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What Exactly Is A Pillow Top Mattress? Find All Details Here!

After a long and exhausting day at work, you deserve to sleep peacefully on your bed. Beyond the frame and headboard of your bed, the mattress probably matters more for comfort. You may have heard some great things about pillow top mattresses, but what’s the hype anyway? In this post, we are sharing the basics about a pillow top mattress.

Knowing the option

True to the name, a pillow top mattress has an extra layer that adds incredible softness to the design. For a restful night’s sleep, this the mattress you need. The top layer of the mattress is made of pillow topping, which is not merely soft, but also smooth. However, this doesn’t take away the support that you expect from a mattress in general. If you are a side sleeper, you will particularly like the pillow top mattress over other options, because of the extra cushioning. The softness around the hip makes it ideal to reduce pressure, and this kind of mattress also reduces pressure on your back.

What are pillow top mattresses made of?

Most pillow top mattresses are made of different materials, with options like memory foam being more popular. You can even find designs that are made of fibers or soy. The good news is you can select for an option based on your store. Online stores have a wide range of collections and brands, and you can always check for reviews before taking the call. Some of the globally-famed brands for pillow top mattresses include Sealy®, Stearns & Foster® and Beautyrest®.

Other things to know

Many mattresses in this category are made of luxurious pillow tops, with the core being made of air, gel and foam materials that offer great support. The price you pay for such mattresses is obviously higher than standard ones, but for those nights when you are in need of good sleep, you wouldn’t mind the price. Online stores also have better offers and discounts, so you can expect to save considerable money on the retail price.

Final word

No matter your age, you will love your time on a pillow top mattress. Just select a brand that’s known and reliable, and don’t compromise on the price. A good mattress is one of the few things that demands splurging, and pillow top mattresses remain among the top picks around the world. Review a few models and options before selecting one.

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